2021 Annual Letter — Sri Anumakonda

  • an overall summary + highlights of what I’ve done this year
  • my failures
  • my game plan to make 2022 the best year yet

Looking through the eyes of a camera; seeing the world as a self-driving car

Becoming one of the youngest self-driving engineers IN THE WORLD

And then came summer…

Understanding next-gen self-driving tech w/ Waabi!

Creating next-gen ways to train AVs w/ DataGAN

Hopping on the Wayve of end2end learning

Dropping 2 projects in 2 months

  1. Assumptions that I’ve made
  2. The value prop from building this

Failing hard

How I can make 2022 the best year

  1. Become a self-driving “god”
  2. Get an internship
  3. personal health
  • motion planning
  • reinforcement learning + policy development
  • creating variational autoencoders for image-to-image translation
  • end2end learning + conditional imitation learning

Concluding thoughts




Building Self-Driving Cars as a 15yo. srianumakonda.com

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Sri Anumakonda

Sri Anumakonda

Building Self-Driving Cars as a 15yo. srianumakonda.com

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