As part of the Become a Self Driving Engineer nanodegree I’ve been doing for the past little bit, I was recently tasked with creating a Lane Detection Algorithm completely from scratch. It looks like this:

I wanted to take it up to a whole new level, so I slapped on some Object Detection to detect the cars in the gif above :)


Object detection plays an integral role in the field of autonomous vehicle safety. The attempt I have made in this project is to develop a pipeline that can not only detect lane lines but also detect cars.


We, humans, tend to have quite the memory. Especially when driving. We know what a red traffic light is and realize that we need to deaccelerate our cars, remember road names and even perform path planning with Google Maps, to even understand how to drive a car!

Let’s say I give you this image of the world map and ask you to pinpoint (to the nearest city) of where I am. You probably have no idea. I could be in San Francisco all the way to Sydney or even Buenos Aires.

But let’s say I give you this image below.

I’ve been working on the Become a Self-Driving Engineer nanodegree for some time now. Recently, as part of the Sensor Fusion module, I was tasked with building an algorithm that can predict a moving car’s trajectory and location given the previous inputs and uncertainty.

What even is a Kalman filter?

Kalman filters are a special type of algorithm designed to make estimates given uncertain measurements. …

It is expected in this article that you know the basics of how Convolutional Neural Networks work and a good understanding of Deep Learning. If you do not have a good understanding, bookmark this article, and read this article and this one.

Lane Detection is probably one of the most exciting tasks of self-driving cars. This article talks about how I built a lane detection model completely from scratch using the U-Net model and custom loss + metric functions such as the dice coefficient and a focal tversky loss. All the code can be found here. …

Remember those times when you were young and you accidentally asked your teacher how old she was? Yeah, I know, the ending didn’t go that well. Your parents got mad at you since they already told you the saying of “never ask a woman her age and a man his salary” 🙄. But isn’t it painful when you ask a question directly to someone and the only answer you get out of them is you embarrassing yourself?

But what if I were to tell you that there was a way to get out of this? What if you were able…

Photo by Christian Erfurt on Unsplash

I thought everything was going well. I was happy with my life, happy with everything I do, and was always looking forward to tomorrow.

But out of nowhere, this shadow was pulling me back. Slowly and slowly I wasn’t able to walk the path of happiness anymore. This shadow known as burnout detoured me into a path of mediocrity, sadness, and constant self-doubt.

I didn’t know it, but I had burnout.

This shadow took over me; it made decisions for me. Even though I knew this isn’t what I wanted to do, I ended up just doing it. Everything that…

You know, I’ve always hated cold showers. Even using water at room temperature, my skin would frost over and I would be out in seconds. I had always thought that cold showers meant a cold day. And being a cold, shivering mess does not exactly lend itself well to productivity.

However, as of late I have started taking cold showers. …


Imagine this: You come back home from a busy day from work. Your family is pleased to see you come home. But your plans of relaxing seem to turn into an actual disaster. You’re in the middle of cooking dinner and all of a sudden, your kid comes up to you saying that they need their button-up collar shirt for tomorrow’s picture day. You start panicking since your wife/husband isn’t feeling well and you can’t do two things at once. …


We’ve probably heard this a thousand times now but here we go again. AI is on the verge of taking over the world by storm. Cars are now able to drive themselves, robots can now learn to detect various types of cancers and diseases in humans, your cashier in your local Walmart has become a robot, and much more.

Don’t worry. There’s no need to panic. You’re not gonna lose your job or gonna see robots marching into your home tomorrow. But seriously, imagine how cool it would be to have your robot do all your chores in the…

Sri Anumakonda

Building Self-Driving Cars as a 14yo.

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