You’ve probably seen me write quite a few articles on the components of the self-driving process (which were quite technical!). For the past few weeks, I’ve been working on building my own, real self-driving car that can drive real-time.


Let’s break this stuff down, so simple that even you’ll be…

Humans are the most complex organism known to the whole history of the universe. Our ability to make rational decisions and process millions of possible outcomes within a matter of seconds has allowed us to dominate the world, procreate, and advance technological evolution.

Although often overlooked, driving is one of…

You know, I’ve always hated cold showers. Even using water at room temperature, my skin would frost over and I would be out in seconds. I had always thought that cold showers meant a cold day. And being a cold, shivering mess does not exactly lend itself well to productivity.

Sri Anumakonda

Building Self-Driving Cars as a 14yo.

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