Building a real, self-driving car!


The TLDR; of how I built this

System architecture

Source: Udacity

Traffic Detection

Waypoint Updater


Breaking all of this down


  1. Perform depthwise convolutions with 1x1 convolutions (this is also known as a pointwise convolution) vs. a vanilla convolution.
  2. From there, use a “width multiplier” which allows the size of input + output channels to be thresholded between 0 and 1.
  3. We’d also then use a “resolution multiplier” to reduce the original input size and threshold to 0 and 1.


The green path is our trajectory with those spheres being the waypoints



Planning for the future

Connect with me




Building Self-Driving Cars as a 15yo.

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Sri Anumakonda

Sri Anumakonda

Building Self-Driving Cars as a 15yo.

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