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  • Mikael Haji

    Mikael Haji

    16yo BCI Developer | Building Tools Necessary to Read + Write our Neural Code

  • Sergey Levine

    Sergey Levine

    Sergey Levine is a professor at UC Berkeley. His research is concerned with machine learning, decision making, and control, with applications to robotics.

  • Michael Raspuzzi

    Michael Raspuzzi

    Olympic level innovation coach training future CEOs at TKS. More at tks.world

  • Zayn Patel

    Zayn Patel

    creator @georgetown, fellow @beondeck, activator @theksociety.

  • Ashley C

    Ashley C

    All things AI and emerging tech :)

  • Woven Planet Level 5

    Woven Planet Level 5

    Level 5, part of Woven Planet, is developing autonomous driving technology to create safe mobility for everyone. Formerly part of Lyft. Acquired July 2021.

  • Roberto Baldwin

    Roberto Baldwin

    Automotive and tech reporter. Lead singer of @nascum. Host of Roll on YouTube. https://www.youtube.com/c/RobertoBaldwin

  • Aryan Sharma

    Aryan Sharma

    15, obsessed kid. startups, philosophy and other weird ideas.

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