Pairing Lane Detection with Object Detection


Lane Detection Pipeline

Calibrate the camera using a chess/checkerboard to prevent distortion.

Input, raw image of the camera taking a picture of a chessboard.
Here’s how the camera looks after we undistort it.
Input image
Output image, after undistortion

Creating a binary image using advanced colour transformation techniques

Perspective transformation — getting that bird's eye view

Input image
Trapezoidal image

The fun part — Lane Line Detection

Input image
We’ve gotten some really smooth, beautiful lines!!

Boom! Lane Detection

Part 2: Object Detection

Data preprocessing

Building an AI model that can detect cars

Creating a sliding window for object detection

Credit: Udacity
Examples of car detection given this input image

False positives

Obviously, there is room for improvement but not bad!

The final part: Putting this all together



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